The MX-8054 Junk or Not?

I will be honest. I am not a huge fan of china knock-offs and it hurts me deeply when I see a foreign brand copy a custom knife design and sell it at dirt cheap prices. Well, in all honesty, mtech is one of those brands that is mass produced in china to be sold at discounted price. Nevertheless, I wanted to put the blade to the test. So, I surfed the net to find mtech knives that were most appealing and here comes the review of the latest knife in my collection.

Starting with the specs, it features a full tang 440C stainless steel blade with a heavy duty G-10 Handle. An amazing part of the knife is its handle that utilizes a perfectly crafted finger grooves tho provide that strong and sturdy grip. In addition to the structure of the handle the G-10 material is designed to provide a stronger grip in a wet weather condition. With an overall length of about 11 inches this fixed blade knife can serve as a perfect survival tool as well as a combat knife. Although the knife did not come as sharp as I expected but it can be sharpened very easily as it is made of  a stainless steel blade which are easy to sharpen.

  • Overall Length = 11 inch
  • Blade = 440C Stainless Steel
  • Style = Fixed Blade Knife
  • Handle = G10
  • Sheath = Nylon, Included with straps
  • Brand = Mtech
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